Stainless Steel Arc Welding Electrodes


AWS E309L-16
JIS D309L-16


The C-309L is a lime-titania type electrode for all position welding.
As weld metal contains ferrite in austenitic structure. Its weld ability is good and it provides good corrosion resistibility and good heat resistibility.
As weld metal contains much quantity of alloying elements and has stable austenitic structure, it is suitable for welding of the part which is affected by the dilution of mother plate.


For welding 22%Cr-12%Ni stainless steel (SUS 309S etc.)and welding stainless steel to mild steel or low alloy steel.
Welding of dissimilar metals such as stainess steel to mild steel or low alloy steel.
Clad steel side welding to SUS 304L. Under laying welding of SUS 304L to carbon steel or low alloy steel.

Typical weld metal properties?G (Weld Metal Analysis)

Carbon ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K 0.023
Manganese ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K. 1.36
Silicon ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K 0.61
Phosphorus ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K. 0.022
Sulphur ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.. 0.010
Chromium?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.. 23.20
Nickel ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.. 12.80
Vanadium ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K. -----

Mechanical properties:

Tensile Strength (Kg/mm2) ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K... 54.0 ~ 60.0
Yield Point (Kg/mm2) ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K... ----
Elongation (%) ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.. 32.0 ~ 42.0
Reduction of Area (%) ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.. ----

Available diameter and recommended operating ranges?G

?@ F. & H. ?V fillet V. & O.H.
2.0 X300 m/m
2.6 X300 m/m
3.2 X350 m/m
4.0 X350 m/m
5.0 X350 m/m
  40 ~   70 Amps
  50 ~   85 Amps
  75 ~ 110 Amps
110 ~ 140 Amps
140 ~ 180 Amps

 35 ~ 60 Amps
 45 ~ 80 Amps
 70 ~ 100 Amps
110~130 Amps

Type of power?GA.C. or D.C.E.P.

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