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AWS E7024


The C-24 is an AWS E 7024 electrode. This is a high speed electrode when used for fillet welds. It is an exceptionally fast welding electrode when used down hand in properly designed weld joints or in horizontal fillet welds where equal leg fillets are desirable. A drag welding technique is used with the electrode operating exceptionally well on either DCEP, AC, or DCEN power. The arc force minimizes slag entrapment while the slag is self removing in most applications.


Typical applications incude: railroad cars, structurals, earth moving equipment, plate fabrication and mining machinery.

Typical weld metal properties?G (Weld Metal Analysis)

Carbon ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K 0.09
Manganese ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K. 0.75
Silicon ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K 0.38
Phosphorus ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K. 0.015
Sulphur ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.. 0.012

Mechanical properties:

Tensile Strength (Kg/mm2) ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.. 53.0 ~ 60.0
Yield Point (Kg/mm2) ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K...43.0 ~ 50.0
Elongation (%) ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K. 22.0 ~ 26.0
Reduction of Area (%) ?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K.. 45.0 ~ 60.0
Charpy V-Notch Impact Values (0?J)?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K?K8.0 ~ 15.0 Kg-M

Available diameter and recommended operating ranges?G

?@ F. & H. ?V fillet ?@
4.0 X450         m/m
5.0 X550/700 m/m
5.5 X550/700 m/m
6.0 X550/700 m/m
6.4 X550/700 m/m
180 ~ 250 Amps
230 ~ 305 Amps
275 ~ 320 Amps
280 ~ 365 Amps
335 ~ 430 Amps


Type of power?G A.C. D.C.E.P. or D.C.E.N.

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